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Raheem Devaughn

Raheem Devaughn - A Place Called Loveland (Album)

Raheem Devaughn - A Place Called Loveland
  • Release date: 03 Sep 2013 (RNB Album)
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Tracklist of A Place Called Loveland :

1 - Interlude-Album Intro: Produced by Ivan Barias (Karma)2 - Love Connection: Produced by Carvin & Ivan and Kristal Oliver3 - Wrong Forever: Produced by Carvin & Ivan (Karma)4 - Interlude-Don't Go: Produced by Dre King5 - Complicated: Produced by Carvin & Ivan (Karma)6 - Meantime: Produced by Jay Phoenix7 - Interlude-Rebirth: Produced by Dre King8 - Ridiculous: Produced by Ne-Yo and Compound9 - Pink Crush Velvet: Produced by Mario Winans10 - Interlude- Dear Love Queen: Produced by Mo Digga11 - Greatest Love : Produced by Mo Digga12 - Cry Baby: Produced by Adonis13 - Make A baby: Produced by RC14 - Like You: Produced by Dre King15 - Interlude-Happy: Produced by Dre King16 - Maker Of Love: (Boney James) (on the radio, also on BJ's CD)

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