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Scorpions - In Trance/Virgin Killer :Warrior's set (Album)

Scorpions - In Trance/Virgin Killer :Warrior's set
  • Date de sortie : 11 Mai 2009 (ROCK Album)
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Trackliste de In Trance/Virgin Killer :Warrior's set :

1 - Dark Lady,2 - In Trance,3 - Life Is Like A River,4 - Top Of The Bill,5 - Living And Dying,6 - Robot Man,7 - Evening Wind,8 - Sun In My Hand,9 - Longing For Fire,10 - Night Lights (Instrumental),11 - Speedy's Coming (Bonus Track),12 - They Need A Million (Bonus Track),13 - Drifting Sun Bonus Track).14 - Pictured Life,15 - Catch Your Train,16 - In Your Park,17 - Backstage Queen,18 - Virgin Killer,19 - Hell Cat,20 - Crying Days,21 - Polar Nights,22 - Yellow Raven,23 - Fly People Fly (Bonus Track),24 - This Is My Song (Bonus Track),25 - Far Away (Bonus Track),26 - Fly To The Rainbow (Bonus Tack).


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