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Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak - Album/EP coming soon

Posté Mar 13 Mar 2018

concert gratuit d'Anderson .Paak à l'O2 Academy Brixton, à Londres.

L'évènement sera sponsorisé par Apple Music, Beats et la web radio Beats 1, et animé par un maitre de cérémonie prestigieux, en la personne de Dr. Dre

Anderson Paak previews new song

Posté Mer 14 Mar 2018

la discographie et articles sur Anderson .Paak / Breezy Lovejoy



Before Anderson .Paak – The Complete Guide to Breezy Lovejoy


Brandon Paak Anderson, aka Anderson .Paak, aka Breezy Lovejoy


The church was in Oxnard, a small city in the outer sprawl of Los Angeles – Brandon Paak Anderson and his three sisters were born and raised there. Church was a focal point for Oxnard’s fragmented black community, and Paak didn’t just find his musical passions there: his short-lived first marriage was to a girl he met there at age 21.

Before Brandon Paak Anderson was Breezy Lovejoy, he was just Breezy. The nickname was bestowed upon young .Paak by his brother-in-law because he used to eat a lot of cheetohs which allegedly led to him creating a gassy presence for himself. Later on when Brandon Paak Anderson started making music, he added “Lovejoy” to the long-time moniker because it sounded smooth – just like his music.

Anderson .Paak knew early-on that he wasn’t cut out for a day job, but it took some time for him to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. He juggled various odd jobs, grew and sold cannabis, and spent some time homeless before he focused in on music.

Violets Are Blue

Breezy Lovejoy’s debut EP Violets Are Blue was released all the way back in 2010. The EP is still available on spotify and includes the song “Girls BF”, a personal favorite because it sounds like it could fit in perfectly with his studio album Malibudespite the two projects being six years apart.

O.B.E. Volume 1

June 2012 saw the release of Anderson .Paak’s first album under Breezy Lovejoy, O.B.E. Volume 1. This is the only album .Paak has ever released that isn’t self-produced. Although he didn’t produce the album, he did sing, rap, and drum all over it. O.B.E. is also the first project upon which we see a member of the Free Nationals, with guitarist/producer Jose Rios pitching in on the production for “E & J”.

Posté Ven 18 Mai 2018

Anderson .Paak - Bubblin



Le son est catchy de ouf je trouve et Anderson nous montre encore une fois son incroyable polyvalence !!!

Posté Ven 18 Mai 2018

Complètement timbré haha, il me faudra deux trois écoutes avant de vraiment me lancer dans le son mais en tout cas ça passe bien

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