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Bishop Lamont

Bishop Lamont - TunnelVision (Album) pour 2017/2018

Posté Sam 10 Jun 2017

My New album "TunnelVision" on the way!

Just wanted to share with you, a quick sample of a great new monster jam I was working on in the studio earlier today with Philip Lassiter, Brett Nolan on the boards, and some incredible horn players from all over. The track is produced by my bro King Karnov!!! 


Posté Sam 22 Jul 2017

ça promet !!

l'album est prévu pour Septembre 2027

Posté Sam 22 Jul 2017

Ca donne envie, ça sortira probablement le même jour que Detox

Posté Sam 29 Jul 2017

WiseRap Ft. Bishop Lamont, Grand Surgeon & Biggz – God’s Body


Posté Sam 29 Jul 2017
nice track
Mes favorisDaz Dillinger
Daz Dillinger
Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Clan
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Big Boi
EnYc3 : https://kat.cr/havoc-13-reloaded-deluxe-edition-256-rap-f2d-t9860505.html
Posté Dim 03 Sep 2017

Bishop Lamont - Interview w/ Krayzie Bone

Posté Dim 28 Jan 2018

DREAM TEAM!!!!! #TunnelVisionAlbum

Bishop Lamont releases this brand new track from an upcoming new project set to release in 2018!

Bishop Lamont – Heebie Jeebies

Posté Lun 29 Jan 2018

Putting the finishing touches on this new monster jam produced by Paul Cabbin 

for my new Masterpiece “TunnelVision”

 I believe in quality over quantity, and taking my time to create my best for my fans!!!

Thank you for your patience tho!


Im going to try to get on my bootleg Tupac shit

and cut a lot of songs/visuals this year nonstop tho!!!


Family Reunion!!! 

@rickrockbeats @djbattlecat @ptone1#Hittman @dj_cell_dpg


Posté Lun 29 Jan 2018
On croise les doigts !

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