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Posté Lun 01 Jul 2013

A Beautiful Accident cover art

01. Top Left
02. Blown
03. Fire in the Hole (feat. Firing Squad)
04. Inception
05. Long Day
06. Shoot (feat. Twisted Insane)
07. Solitary Mindstate (feat. Chris Davis)
08. Angry (feat. Redro Killson)
09. Reason (feat. Chris Davis)
10. Low Low (feat. Firing Squad & Blayze One)
11. Respect (feat. Twisted Insane)
12. Heartbeat
13. The Ward (feat.Z of Firing Squad, Bleezo, Bishop & Twisted Insane)
14. Show Night (feat. Karma & Chris Davis)


Posté Lun 01 Jul 2013

Charlie Ray feat.Z, Dikul Doo, Bleezo, Bishop & Twisted Insane- The Ward (Produced By C. Ray)


Shoot Featuring Twisted Insane (Prod. By C. Ray) cover art

Posté Jeu 08 Aou 2013

Z (Of Firing Squad) - The Toilet Reflushed - 2012

01.The Toilet Ft. Redro Killson
02.Piranha In The Night
03.Brang It Out Ft. Sabrie, MD 20/20, Dikulz
04.Watchin Ft. Redro Killson, Lon Gotti, Cobra
05.We Get That Cake Ft. C Dub, Cobra
06.Hot Now Ft. DTTX
07.Westcoast Monster Ft. Twisted Insane, Lomac
08.Eat'em Up
09.I Do This **** For Real Ft. Mami O.G., Young Dom,Blayze, Lon Gotti
10.If I Were U
11.Get Up Out My Face
12.I'm So Gone
13.150 On The Pedal
14.See Right Thru Them
15.Kill Ft. Dikulz, Cobra
16.Come Fux With Me Ft. Lon Gotti, Cobra
17.Limelight Ft. Black N Mild 18.Wanna Spit It? Ft. Lomac


Posté Jeu 08 Aou 2013

Firing Squad Haterz Most Wanted: D.o.a. (Mixtape)

1.We Da Sh!t
2.Love No Hoe
4.Slapped Like A Bitch
5.Bad Mouth
6.RESPECT Ur B!tch
7.In The End Its Worth It
10.Dont Know
12.CrossFire 1
13.Pistol On You
14.At The Top
15.NiteNite 1
16.Devilz Rejects
18.What Im Living 4 1
19.Haterz Most Wanted


Posté Jeu 08 Aou 2013

Fring Squad- Versa Kill My


Posté Jeu 07 Nov 2013

01. Versakillity Intro Ft. Jennifer K
02. Nothing To Something Ft. Bishop
03. Lil Light Ft. Twisted Insane C-Mob, Jennifer K
04. Bye Bye Birdie
05. A.I. (Alcoholic Ignorance)
06. Are You Down Ft. Bishop
07. Spitzafrenik Ft. Twisted Insane
08. Realm Of Shadows Ft. Bleezo, Jennifer K
09. Serving Nightmarez Ft. Mami OG
10. Outside Looking In Ft. On One
11. Nasty
12. Smokaholic
13. Murder Game Ft. Twisted Insane, Bishop
14. The Chair
15. Came Here For Ft. Jennifer K
16. Ghetto
17. Hell On Earth Ft. Twisted Insane
18. Darkness To Light Ft. C. Ray, Jennifer K
19. In The Name Of The.... Ft. Bishop


Posté Sam 21 Nov 2015


1.Welcome to the Insanity Plea
2.I Plead Insane
3.That's Real (feat. Twisted Insane)
4.Twisted Thoughts (feat. Twisted Insane)
6.Right Now
7.Tell Me 2
8.Triv (Interlude)
9.Judge Me
11.Head Down
12.Hell Is Home
14.Heavy Artillery (Skit)
15.Golgotha 2 (Hellbound)
17.Pray for What
18.Sober (feat. Khadijah Lopez)
19.Nothin to Lose
20.Not Guilty (Interlude)
21.Life So Crazy
Mp3 320kbps

Posté Sam 21 Nov 2015

01 - Trigger
02 - Paranormal
03 - Shadows (feat. Rip Tha Moova)
04 - I'll Never Tell
05 - Program
06 - Confusion
07 - Outer Space (feat. Kym)
08 - Lone Soldier (feat. Kym)
09 - Cloudy Days (feat. Twisted Insane, Tanqueray Locc & Jada Lynn)
10 - Hit List (feat. Charlie Ray & Tanqueray Locc)
11 - Die
12 - Defective (feat. Playboy The Beast & Liquid Assassin)
13 - Voices (feat. Don Orias)
14 - Mind
15 - ELE
16 - Project MK Ultra (feat. Jennifer Kemple)
17 - Phobia
18 - Feeling Strange
19 - Control
20 - Broken (feat. Don Orias & Cynical)
21 - Bad Dream

Posté Sam 21 Nov 2015

1. Intro
2. Pendulum
3. World Problems ft. Jennifer Kemple
4. No Seconds
5. Get Out My Business ft. Z
6. Haunted ft. Twisted Insane
7. I'm So Sick ft. Kamikazi, BSchuler
8. Government's Creepin ft. Scottee Bates
9. Talent Don't Mean Sh!t ft. Redro
10. They Know ft. C. Ray
11. Don't Represent Me ft. C. Ray, Twisted Insane
12. You're Mine ft. Twisted Insane
13. C.M.D.G.F.
14. Empathy For E.V.I.L.
15. Gotta Get Right ft. Redro
16. Risk Takers

Posté Ven 04 Dec 2015
Grosse surprise le skeud d'ISO, il fait des bons hooks, il a un putain de flow et les prods sont pas mal
Mes favorisBone Thugs N Harmony
Bone Thugs N Harmony
Tha Dogg Pound
Tha Dogg Pound
Trouchpac : Ma mixtape : http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=368388
Posté Ven 04 Dec 2015

Kamikazi- Project MK Ultra

Posté Mar 15 Dec 2015

8 janvier 2016
Z - In All Honesty

1. In All Honesty (Intro)
2. 28z ft. Lon Gotti
3. Braaaiiin
4. Artist
5. Nobody ft. Twisted Insane
6. Best Friend
7. Witta Sack
8. Nobodiez Home ft. Jennifer Kemple
9. Sick (MIA)
10. Killing Time
11. All Im Hearin Is ft. Sabrie, Dubb, Lon Gotti
12. Take Over ft. Dikulz, Redro
13. Need Cheese
14. Pen N Pad ft. Fluenci
15. Anywayz
16. Workin
17. Spark N Blaze
18. Dragon
19. Unlimited ft. Bleezo, Dikulz (Outro)

Posté Mar 15 Dec 2015

Dikulz - I Used My Brain

Posté Mar 15 Dec 2015

Ca annonce du bon pour le début d'année ça :p

Posté Ven 08 Jan 2016

Z - In All Honesty

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