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Deniro Farrar - Guilty Until Proven Innocent (2016)

Charlotte, NC, United States

Posté Lun 30 Mai 2016

Deniro Farrar - Guilty Until Proven Innocent

“All Black” is one of the installments on Deniro’s up and coming project Guilty Until Proven Innocent, which is set to drop in the spring under Warner Brother Records....



Deniro Farrar - All Black (Produced by Joe Hodges)



Jay IDK Trust Nobody Ft. Deniro Farrar (Prd. Lo-Fi, Jay IDK & Blue Rondo)



Deniro Farrar - Carbon Freestyle (Bless The Booth) 


#CultChronicles : S01 E04 - SXSW


Posté Dim 19 Jun 2016
Deniro Farrar – Mind of a Gemini



The Mind of a Gemini, is made up of 7 brand new tracks. Farrar fans will be pleased to know that he hasn't lost any of his inspiration during his lengthy period of relative inactivity. Mind of a Gemini is something only he could have created. 

The mixtape includes experimental productions that are tied together with a sense of raw, Southern funk. Deniro's rapping is sharp, witty, and sometimes assaulting. He has the ability to get deeply philosophical and esoteric without letting his listeners forget about the harsh realities of life in the ghetto.


Posté Lun 20 Jun 2016

le ep est excellent, plus soul que d'habitude, ya une vibe Goodie Mob/Outkast des debuts, autant dans les ambiances soul melancoliques spirituelles que les flows et les themes emo thug en redemption. c'est un sans faute.

il aurait pu ajouter 3-4 tracks et j'aurais appeler ça un album. un de mes projets pref de l'année et de la disco de Deniro Farrar.

Posté Lun 20 Jun 2016

J'aime trop ses ambiances, j'attendais impatiemment une nouvelle sortie, et ce que tu dis la Niggletius, ça m'emballe bien. De bonne augure pour l'album.

EDIT/ En effet ç'est des sons pour chill-out, toutes les pistes sont soignées, propre pour une tape. Ils ont bien taffé ces 2 beatmakers là. Authentique et mystique Farrar, vachement bon le truc.

Mes favorisEl-P
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder
Danny Brown
Danny Brown
Flash Gordon : − ···· ·− −· −·− ··· −−· −−− −·· − −−− ·−·· · − ··− ··· −·· ·−· ·...
Posté Mar 19 Jul 2016

Well$ - 98 Juvie ft. Deniro Farrar (Official Music Video)

Issue du prochain projet  de Well$  - The Way I'm Living Makes My Mom Nervous



Behind the sense footage,mind of a Gemini.

Posté Mar 19 Jul 2016

il est bon ce Well$! Deniro excellent comme d'hab. j'aime pas le beat.

Posté Jeu 22 Sep 2016
Posté Mer 05 Oct 2016
Deniro Farrar | Duality
Posté Jeu 13 Oct 2016

Deniro Farrar | Impractical

Posté Mer 26 Oct 2016

Deniro Farrar | Dreams

With his Red Book project expected to arrive soon, underrated Charlotte rapper Deniro Farrar drops off his latest Free Tune Tuesdays release, a James Rico-directed video for “Dreams.”


We all have dreams that come with the naysayers, no assembly required. But it’s not so easy to dismiss the doubters when one of them includes your mother. This scenario is just one part of the short film from North Carolina’s Deniro Farrar. While the protagonist looks for strength everyday to balance his day job at a car garage, family responsibilities, and his true passion in dancing, his boss, Deniro, deals with his own problems. And those soon compound as his freshly fired employees attempt to rob him. It all ends with an arrest and crushed dreams.

The other plot line in “Dreams” is based on the reality for Deniro and his brother. To start the music portion of the video, Deniro takes a collect call from Antonio Farrar, or Tune–Deniros’ brother. Antonio was convicted of murder three years ago with a 25 to life sentence. The judge rejected his claim of self defense. As a result, Deniro started his #FreeTuneTuesdays series to remind his brother that he’s out here raising awareness and fighting for his freedom. With artists like Deniro and Ty Dolla $ign speaking on the overwhelming issues plaguing the prison system in this country and films like 13th, one can only hope that something will actually be done to rectify the situation.

Deniro had this to say about the short film via email:

“The ‘Dreams’ short film was my way of raising awareness on how easy it is to throw your life away while also showing how making the right choices is critical. Sad to say that every day men and woman all over the world have dreams that they never make reality because of bad choices. Hopefully this video will help to prevent that from becoming another young man or woman’s reality.”

Look out for Red Book from Deniro sooner than later.

Posté Mer 26 Oct 2016

dormez seulement, dormez

Posté Jeu 27 Oct 2016

Très bon ce projet, j'aime beaucoup

Posté Mar 01 Nov 2016
Posté Mar 13 Dec 2016

excellent video concept son. la dispute au milieu et le couplet qui reprend en transition est super bien fait. parfait

j'ai rip & cut le son de youtube vu qu'on peut le choper que là pour ceux que ça intéresse


je bloque sur ce son du nouveau EP, trés ancré real shit avec ce théme de la mort récurrent chez lui j'ai l'impression

énorme pochette

Russian Roulette :
Posté Dim 21 Mai 2017

"Guilty Until Proven Innocent" drops tomorrow!!!!

This is in honor of my brother tune. I've worked long and hard on this one, even ran into a few obstacles but didn't allow them to stand in my way. I did this for tune and all my real fans. "

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