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Interview de Dawaun Parker

Nouveau Producteur D'Aftermath

Posté Mer 18 Oct 2006
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Dawaun Parker est un musician et un producteur. C'est aussi un songwriter et producteur de Aftermath Entertainment. Apres avoir recu son premier taff sur un album de Aftermath (50 Cent’s, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Soundtrack), Parker a largement contribué a des gros projets et a bocoup taffé The Big Bang .

Voila les songs auquel il a participé :

50 Cent – “Talk About Me”
T.I. – “Why You Wanna”
Busta Rhymes – “Get You Some”
Busta Rhymes – “How We Do It Over Here”
Busta Rhymes – “Been Through The Storm”
Busta Rhymes – “In The Ghetto”
Busta Rhymes – “You Can’t Hold The Torch”
Busta Rhymes – “Goldmine”
Busta Rhymes – “Don’t Get Carried Away”
Busta Rhymes – "Legend of the Fall Offs"

Voila son interview (les questions les plus interressantes) :

1. How did you hook up with Dr. Dre?
Well, a day after I finished college, my manager, Sean Collins, got a call about Dre looking for a new keyboard player/producer. That call came from Che Vicious, a producer and former A&R that Sean knew, and whom I met in high school in 1999. Che was an A&R then. Anyway, turns out Che has a good memory, and when Dre let him know he needed a new dude for the team, he reached out to my manager. We both flew out the next day to audition, so to speak, for Dre. I haven’t come home since, and I now have a production deal with Aftermath.

2. It looks like you did a lot on The Big Bang, how did you, Dre & Busta work in studio?
In a few different facets. For the most part, a song gets completed in stages. There is the making of the basic beat, then getting a song to it, recording, and then Dre may have me come in and also do overdubs just before mixdown. Busta wasn’t normally around when we were making beats, which could end up going to anybody. I’m there during the creation of the beat, so whether or not it’s just Dre and myself, or both of us and Mark Batson, or Che or Mike Elizondo. The team comes together (usually with Dre on drums and me sitting at a keyboard, and we bang out ideas). So we’ll make ten slaps in a day, then those would go out to whomever. Toward the final stages of production on the record, however, I saw Bus pretty much everyday. So of course there were instances where we may be working on something and Busta would come in, and be like, “ooohhh! This is gargantuan right here. Let me black out on this right now!”, and the song gets written and recorded right there and then. That’s when it’s the best usually; that first instinct is usually the winner. The experience was great, cause Bus and I got to build some, and he got to know me a little bit. I told him the story of how I remembered taking the city bus to the record store, old CD’s to trade in hand (I needed the money), in exchange for The Coming. I rocked that CD to death, notably track #10, which is called ‘Still Shining’. I almost died the first time I heard that beat man…that’s how I came to know about The Ummah, which was basically Jay Dee. Dilla became one of my favorite producers…I pretty much have every beat he’s ever made now…and it all started with The Coming. So to be a significant part of The Big Bang was a real blessing. So many people I wanted to work with, Bus, Dilla, Nas, Missy, Q-Tip, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, and Erick Sermon were all fulfilled on this one record, so it’s a dream come true.

3. What do you think about the album, what's your favorite song off The Big Bang, and why??
I can easily say I think that this is Busta’s best record. He shows a greater depth and is more diverse lyrically. I always felt that Busta was underrated as an emcee, but on this record Busta does more to prove his value. My favorite song overall is probably “You Can’t Hold the Torch”. It’s Busta and Q-Tip spitting over Jay Dee, flipping Minnie Riperton, all mixed by Dre. Now that’s a formula! I also must mention that the “Get You Some” beat has a special place in my heart too. I’m proud of the reaction people have when my piano part comes in. It’s a real good feeling.

4. What other projects you are working on?
Of course we are working on Detox right now. We are pulling out all the stops for that one. You still got to wait some for that, but in the meantime you can hear me on Snoop’s new album, Blue Carpet Treatment, Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come and Raekwon’s Cuban Link 2, “Get Low”, the first single from Stat Quo’s Statlanta . My group, The GodBody, is also releasing our debut, We Are The GodBody, next summer. We are working on that right now at Dre’s in between sessions for Detox. We Are The GodBody will feature all my production, but also will have some production collaborations with Dr. Dre, Hi-Tek, Just Blaze, and Mark Batson. So that’s what’s on the agenda. The Busta record was a preview…next year is gonna belong to Aftermath and High Renaissance! Get Ready.

6. Would you consider start producing your own songs?
I am. Like I mentioned before, look for The GodBody next summer. Check out our website: http://www.GodBodyMusic.com/, there is also a link to our MySpace there. Also, you’ll start to see more solo production from me real soon. I have tracks with Deon and Tiffany Villarreal; both are R&B artists signed to Aftermath. Talib Kweli and Jae Millz may also have my slaps on their next albums. Additionally, I have an artist on my production company, High Renaissance, named Britten. He’s a beast…say John Mayer, and D’Angelo wrapped in one. He’s definitely going to have a career.

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Posté Mer 18 Oct 2006
Damn, vlà les projets sur lesquels il sera présent :o
Quand on sait qu'il est à la base de bombes telles que Been Through The Storm ou Don't Get Carried Away, on peut penser qu'il a de l'avenir..

Vraiment interessante l'itw, impatiente de voir son taff sur les prochains Jigga, Rae, Kweli, Jae Milz ainsi que ses collaborations avec des mecs qui font partie des
meilleurs prodos.

Là jsuis au taff mais j'irai surement voir son site d'ici peu parce que ce mec semble être bien prometteur! :good:
Posté Mer 18 Oct 2006
Plus j'entends de trucs sur Cuban Linx II, plus je vois de gens bosser dessus. L'album 100% produit par RZA est définitivement oublié...
Posté Mer 18 Oct 2006
Apparement pour Rae il feront du 50\50 RZA,dr dre.
Posté Mer 18 Oct 2006
Posté Mer 18 Oct 2006
C'est Sha Money XL qui a produit Been Through The Storm et elle est Co produite par Dre je vien de vérifié sur le bouquin de l'album
Posté Mer 18 Oct 2006

ouai mais look les keys
ce producteur fait partie des mecs qui font les keys de Dr Dre comme le font mike elizondo , che vicious ou mark , et comme le fesait avant scott storch (pour still dre par exemple)

c un new dans la team des musicien / producteurs
Posté Mer 18 Oct 2006

Busta Rhymes
The Big Bang

user posted image

01. Get You Some (Feat. Q-Tip & Marsha Ambrosius Of Floetry)
Produced By Dr.Dre & Mark Batson
Keyboards: Mark Batson & Dawaun Parker

02. Touch It (Feat. Swizz Beatz)
Produced By Swizz Beatz
*Contains portions of "Technologic", as performed by Daft Punk.

03. How We Do It Over Here (Feat. Missy Elliott)
Produced By Dr.Dre
Keyboards: Dawaun Parker & Che Vicious
Additional vocals by Deana Evans

04. New York Shit (Feat. Swizz Beatz)
Produced By DJ Scratch
*Contains a portion of "Faded Lady", as performed by SSO.

05. Been Through The Storm (Feat. Stevie Wonder)
Produced By Sha Money XL & Black Jeruz
Additional production by Dr.Dre
Keyboards: Mark Batson, Dawaun Parker & Mike Elizondo
Orchestra production: Busta Rhymes
*Contains samples from "Everlasting love", as performed by Felix Cavaliere.

06. In The Ghetto (Feat. Rick James)
Produced By DJ Green Lantern
Additional production by Dr.Dre
Additional keyboards: Dawaun Parker
*Contains a sample from "Ghetto Life", as performed by Rick James.

07. Cocaina (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius Of Floetry)
Produced By Dr.Dre & Mark Batson
Keyboards: Mark Batson
Guitar: Mike Elizondo
Additional keyboards: Che Vicious

08. You Can't Hold The Torch (Feat. Q-Tip & Chauncey Black)
Produced By J Dilla
Additional Keyboards by Dawaun Parker
Scratching by Busta Rhymes
*Contains samples from the composition "Inside My Love"

09. Goldmine (Feat. Raekwon)
Produced By Erick Sermon
Additional production by Dr.Dre
Additional Keyboards by Dawaun Parker & Che Vicious

10. I Love My Bitch (Feat. Kelis & Will.I.Am)
Produced By Will.I.Am
Additional vocals by Dante Santiago

11. Don't Get Carried Away (Feat. Nas)
Produced By Dr.Dre
Keyboards by Lionel Holoman & Dawaun Parker

12. They're Out To Get Me (Feat. Mr. Porter)
Produced By Denaun Porter

13. Get Down
Produced By Timbaland & Nisan Stewart

14. I'll Do It All (Feat. LaToiya Williams)
Produced By Jellyroll

15. Legend Of The Fall Offs
Produced By Dr.Dre
Keyboards by Dawaun Parker
Additional Vocals by Bokeem Woodbine & Cami Gutierrez
*Contains interpolations from the composition "Do You Ever", as performed by Return To Forever.


Posté Ven 20 Oct 2006

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