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Kodak Black - 2ème Album + Mixtape pour 2017/2018

Pompano Beach, Florida

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Posté Mer 19 Avr 2017

Derek Garcia engineered and recorded most of the album, and both he and Billions attest to the fact that over the three months Kodak made Painting Pictures,

he recorded at a furious pace, sometimes knocking out eight or nine records in one session.

“He’s got like 50-60 records we’ve done so far in the past three months, so what’s crazy is we have like two more albums in the vault,” says Garcia, who also co-produced “Reminiscing” with Billions.

Songs like “Pull A Caper,” “Gettin’ Paid,” “Finer Things,” “Me and You,” “She Won,” “Like I Ain’t Got Nothin” and “They Don’t Know” were all left on the cutting room floor, along with a Plies collab that Garcia says is one of the most addicting songs they recorded.

When Future pulled up to Pink House to record with Kodak, it was 5:45 a.m. and the studio crew was getting ready to head home. “He stayed here at the Pink until 10:30 in the morning, knocking out four or five records,” Garcia says of Future. “I’ve done so many sessions at Circle House, so I’m built for that type of stamina, but I was more impressed with Kodak, because he didn’t expect it, but he was knocking them down, like, ‘Let’s go. Bring up another one.'”

Future ended up getting on “Conscience” for the album, but according to Garcia,

“There’s three other [songs Kodak] did with Future that are…oh my God, the minute that hits the streets…”



Posté Mer 19 Avr 2017

Si c'est aussi lourd que Painting Pictures qui fait deja partit des albums de l'année pour moi , je suis grave chaud pour un round 2 !!!

Posté Mer 19 Avr 2017

Pareil :good:

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Posté Sam 06 Mai 2017

Traduction : Kodak Black Documentary "Project Baby" (Vostfr)

Posté Mer 07 Jun 2017

#KodakBlack already back to it working on some new music!

"First day out, gave my mom 100 racks and bought a iced out AP watch / and bought a Cuban link just to match / and that wasn't voodoo, that wasn't magic / It could be cappin' or just be laughing," Kodak raps, before transitioning from material things to a testimony on his experience in an 8-by-12 cell. "I had my K2 in my mattress/ smoking torture in my cell / that was my 12th time going to jail / that was my second time going to hell / I'm back for real, but I'll prevail,"

he goes on to spit, before the video cuts short, with encouragement for viewers to stay tuned.


Posté Mar 13 Jun 2017


Kodak Black - First Day Out Produced By: Dyryk

Posté Mer 14 Jun 2017

@KodakBlack1k albumtime  #KodakLondon

Posté Ven 16 Jun 2017

Kodak Black - First Day Out.mp3 - Omerta.is

LOURD !!!  J'adore ce gars :good:

Posté Ven 16 Jun 2017

Kodak Black "Comes Home To $5M Cash In A Duffle Bag"

Le sample de CUBEATZ (2 frere allemands) pour tunnel vision

Posté Ven 16 Jun 2017
Le clip est lourd ! Et le sample rend mieux sur tunnel vision que sur la version original.
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Posté Mer 21 Jun 2017

Plies - Real Hitta feat. Kodak Black 


John Wicks Feat. Kodak Black "Haiti"


 John Wicks - #HellOnEarthMixtape


John Wicks is Kodak Black's blood brother, and a member of the Sniper Gang

Posté Dim 25 Jun 2017

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TUERIE !!!!!

Posté Lun 26 Jun 2017

bien lourd le dernier son !

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Posté Jeu 29 Jun 2017


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Il me régale foooort cette année Kodak !!! :good: 

Posté Jeu 06 Jul 2017

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Encore une LOURDEUR !!! 


Kodak / Offset :good: ça peut donner une sacrée boucherie !!!

L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus et intérieur

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