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OMB PEEZY - Projet pour 2017

E-40’s Sick Wid It Records

Posté Dim 05 Mar 2017

OMB Peezy

OMB Peezy "Lay Down"

OMB Peezy "When I Was Down"

Here’s How OMB Peezy Got Signed to E-40’s Sick Wid It Records

Posté Mar 14 Mar 2017
Posté Sam 27 Mai 2017

OMB (Only My Brothers) Peezy's mixtape Loyalty Over Love is on the way

Alabama transplant and West Coast resident OMB Peezy just signed to the powerhouse known as 300 Ent., and celebrates his signing by smashing digital retailers with his hit record “Lay Down.”

The deal is through E-40‘s ever-impressive Sick Wid It Records, and is definitely a power move as Peezy is one of the hottest artists rising out of the south 

When did you start making music?

That’s why I’m putting 12 songs on my mixtape. The first song I ever recorded was when I was 12. Shit went like, “Nigga I’m Perry, better than the average, cause niggas I’m a savage, turn nigga when I’m rapping.” I forgot the rest. [Laughs] I was 12 years old though.

Who were your early influences?

A lot of C-Nile, a lot of Boosie, the whole Trill fam. I was listening to a lot of Future coming up, a lot of Kevin Gates, Soulja Slim. I was fucking with Master P and them, feel me? And you know everybody wanted to be a Hot Boy too, I grew up on a lot of that shit.

You’re only 20 right?

Yeah I just turned 20 in February.

So you were really young when the Hot Boys were out.

Yeah I can’t even really remember that shit but as I was coming up my people were playing their shit. I used to like hanging around the older people. I’d go around them and just watch, I was known to be the quiet one. Being around them I used to listen to all the “back in the days” shit.

How’d you connect with E-40?

That goes back to “Lay Down.” I had posted on YouTube and Nef Da Pharoah was on tour and when he got back he heard it from my nigga Kev. Then I starting fucking with Nef and then 40 heard it and it was on from there.

What made you decide to go with 300 Entertainment over the other labels that reached out?

I was just comfortable, they were just excited to have me and I had to go with the guys who were excited to work and keep me happy. With 300, I’m comfortable. Like I’m laid down in the studio right now smoking purple next to my nigga Zeke from 300 right now.

What’s “OMB?”

I was fucking with the same niggas in Mobile my whole life. I moved everywhere but when I came back I always fucked with the same niggas. That’s why we made the “Only My Brothers” shit and we just stuck with it.

Are there any artists you would want to collab with?

I ain’t really looking to collab with nobody, I’m just trying to tell my story. But of course I’d want to get Boosie on some shit, NBA Youngboy. Kodak, shit like that. Tee Grizzley, he’s been going crazy.

Posté Sam 15 Jul 2017

OMB Peezy - Try Sumthin ft. Yhung T.o of SOB x RBE [Official Video]

Posté Ven 18 Aou 2017

ca arrive bientot la mixtape OMB PEEZY x CARDO



It’s the type of sudden rise that regional rappers dream of, with two anticipated mixtapes on the way: Loyalty Over Love, a 12-song autobiographical song cycle, and an as-yet-untitled project with producer Cardo (who’s worked with Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Travis Scott and others).

You talk a lot about the people who supported you early on, like with “When I Was Down.” What happens when your reality becomes a lot of fame, a lot of money?

Then I’ll talk about my path to that reality. I don’t forget nothing. I got a memory like an elephant. And certain shit that happened to me had a big-ass impact on me. You’re gonna hear it in Loyalty Over Love – that’s what I’m doing, basically, is telling my story.

People talk about Boosie a lot when it comes to your voice. I think there’s a more going on than people give you credit for.

I think I’m similar to Boosie too, but that ain’t all. I feel like people shouldn’t think when they hear me, “Oh, he sound like Boosie” and just leave it that. “He sound like Boosie, oh, he lyrical, he raw, he got this, he got that.” I want people to see my talent for what it is. Not see my talent and just cut it short because I sound like someone they heard. It’s deeper. There’s a lot goin’ on.

After this tour, this next project, this documentary — where do you want to be in a year?

I wanna move out of California. Move to Atlanta. Bay Area ain’t ever gonna lose me, cause I’m always gonna have a spot out here. This is my second home, man. But Atlanta, I just gotta have a spot out there. The culture’s just the culture.

Look, I come from Mobile. But Mobile’s like crabs in a bucket. I don’t know no rapper who can blow on in and go back to his city and stay there. Like, my life movin’ way faster than Mobile right now. I love Mobile to death, and I love the people in it. But if I was to move back to Mobile, my career would die down right now. So I wanna move to Atlanta, ’cause that’s where everything is – the music is through the roof, studios, the vibe is just lovely, everything is cool. Just like the Bay.

Posté Mer 23 Aou 2017

OMB Peezy - "The Hard Way"

Posté Mer 23 Aou 2017

trés fort ce jeune, c'est ouf tout les petits récemment qui sont de prés ou de loin lié a Boosie (ce qui lui fait pas mal de point commun avec Gucci quelque part: reconnaissance de ses pairs plus que le grand public, grosse disco, case prison, rédemption...

Russian Roulette :
Posté Mar 12 Sep 2017
Posté Dim 17 Sep 2017

Curren$y - Told Me That (Feat. Starlito) (Prod. Cardo)


OMB Peezy - Doin Bad (Feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) Prod. by CardoGotWings


The Break Presents: OMB Peezy

He signed with E-40 after Sick Wid It artist Nef The Pharaoh played his music for 40 Water, and parlayed that into a deal with 300 Entertainment.

He’s released a barrage of new songs over the past couple months, and later this year,

he’ll release his official debut project, Loyalty Over Love, featuring production from Drum Dummie, Architekz, Ear Drummers, Helluva and more.

He’s also got a tape with Nef called 600 Degreez

Name: OMB Peezy

Age: 20

Hometown: Mobile, Ala.

I grew up listening to: “C-Nile, The Last Mr. Bigg, a whole lot of Boosie, Trill Fam. My momma used to listen to a lot of Coldplay, Kings of Leon, shit like that on the way to school. I listened to a lot of gospel music coming up too. A lot of Kirk Franklin.”

My style’s been compared to: “Lil Boosie, NBA YoungBoy. Somebody said I sound like Fetty Wap on ‘Lay Down.’ Some people say I sound like Lil Snupe.”

Most people don’t know: “I’m 6 foot 1. I’m not 5 foot 5. I’m not short. People always see me and be like, ‘I did not know you were that tall.’ I’m not little. I’m tall, dark skin and slither. The nigga your mama told you about when you was a lil’ baby.”

My standout moment to date: “Every concert is better than the last. Just performing in general.”

My goal in hip-hop is: “I want to change hip-hop back to hip-hop, not just mumble rap. Niggas don’t even be talking about shit. Niggas don’t be saying nothing. A video man could be trying to edit your video and don’t know what the fuck to do with the concept because you ain’t even talking about shit. Niggas just gon’ move the cameras a couple times and point it to the sky and put some effects on that muthafucka and your video done in two days.

“I’m trying to change it back to some shit that means something. Muthafuckas’ grandma is sick and shit, niggas got people dying and shit, niggas don’t want to listen to no mumble rap.”

I’m going to be the next: “Phenomenon. Next superstar. Next Mike Tyson… nah, ’cause I’m not biting shit. I’ma be the next Muhammad Ali without beating niggas’ asses. The next big thing.”


Posté Lun 25 Sep 2017

OMB ShawnieBo Ft. OMB Peezy - How The Game

Posté Mar 26 Sep 2017

Haha il a la niaque le mec, déter de ouf. J'connais de nom mais j'attends le projet pour le cerner.

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Beeda : They gave my dawg a long sentence, he can't even read a book.
Posté Jeu 28 Sep 2017

WORD of MOUTH: OMB Peezy Documentary

Humble Beginnings Coming soon (Produced by Cardo Got Wingz)


Posté Jeu 12 Oct 2017

OMB Iceberg - Golden Child

Posté Sam 14 Oct 2017

OMB PEEZY - Porch (Prod by DTB)



OMB Peezy - Porch - Download and Stream | BaseShare

Posté Jeu 26 Oct 2017

OMB Peezy Freestyle Over Meek Mill Beat on Real 92.3 

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