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#TheWinners : Hus Kingpin SmooVth AL Divino Rozewood Giallo Point Sean Rosati Marvelous Mag JuneLyfe

#TheWinners, a collective group of emcees, producers

Posté Mar 12 Sep 2017

Who are your influences? What is some advice that has stuck with you?
I’m influenced by my parents, my mother is from Barbados, my father is from Trinidad. I also draw influence from my city, New York. I was born in Brooklyn, but I rep Hempstead, NY, where I started rhyming w/ SmooVth when we were youngins.

Musically I’m inspired by my team #TheWinners, which consists of SmooVth from Hempstead NY, Rozewood from Amityville, NY now residing in LA, Sean Rosati from Boston, Marvelous Mag from Brownsville Brooklyn now residing in Miami, JuneLyfe from Boston, our producer Giallo Point from the UK, AL Divino from Lawrence Mass, Sage Infinite from New Jersey, and El Ay from the UK.

I remember hearing Russell Simmons say “Use your f***in’ resources.” I ran with that, applied it to my life.

Rozewood - Pyrex Ghost (Prod. Eyedee)

“Pyrex Ghost” is the first leak from Channel 13

Posté Mer 13 Sep 2017

SmooVth & Giallo Point Ft. SageInfinite – Drug Runners Remix 


Rosati- Pyramid Silhouette (Prod. Xtreme)



(Hus Kingpin, Mach Hommy, Smoovth, Rozewood. Sonny South Beach, Milano, Ghostra Nostra)



Posté Mer 13 Sep 2017

Ca a au moins 3 , 4 piges la tape #TheWinners il me semble nan ?!

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