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Tobi Lou x No I.D. - 1er Album pour l'étè 2018 + EP (April, 27)


Posté Jeu 12 Avr 2018

 Tobi Lou


I’ve been listening to Tobi Lou for a few months now and even featured him on the 50 Best New Chicago Artists list, but I still don’t think he gets the love he deserves. His music is unbelievably catchy and I haven’t heard a song from him yet that misses the mark. His melodies are always on point and songs like Your Kind Of Love and Game Ova prove he can both write and help produce hits.


bien vu au topic à Nasir, mon labo pour les sorties hors rap

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Posté Sam 28 Avr 2018


Darlin\' - by Tobi Lou

The Name of My First Album is

'Cult Classic'



tobi lou and the Loop (EP)


1. "The Name of My First Album is 'Cult Classic'"
2. "Buff Baby"
3. "Darlin'"
4. "The Blue"
5. "The Fun"

Posté Lun 04 Jun 2018

Je kiffe bien, vous auriez des liens (download) pour ses EP svp ?

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