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Warm Brew - Album pour 2017

Posté Ven 21 Avr 2017
Posté Lun 01 Mai 2017

Warm Brew - Mansion feat. G Perico Produced by Drewbyrd


Posté Jeu 04 Mai 2017

Warm Brew - Let's Get Paid (Prod. by Hippie Sabotage)

Posté Mer 12 Jul 2017

Warm Brew - Let's Get Paid prod. by Hippie Sabotage Directed by Panamaera

Posté Dim 16 Jul 2017

Warm Brew - Full Effect feat. Dom Kennedy Prod by DeUno



The latest song from their forthcoming, still-untitled Red Bull Records debut album,

“Full Effect” is both languorous and propulsive. Produced by frequent Warm Brew collaborator DeUno (who also did “Gang Signs” for The Game), the slowly swirling atmospherics and glinting keys sound between crisp percussion.

And evokes the nostalgia of West Coast rap’s past while driving the proverbial lowrider toward contemporary horizons.

A low-stakes affair about confidence and swagger as aphrodisiacs,

it also features L.A. rap fixture Dom Kennedy, who will be executive producing the album.

Posté Dim 16 Jul 2017
trés bon les 2 derniers extraits
Russian Roulette :
Posté Jeu 17 Aou 2017

Warm Brew - Full Effect feat. Dom Kennedy (Official Music Video)

Warm Brew are taking that classic West Coast sound out for a spin and returning it in a fresh state.

The trio are smashing summer, with their every move seeming to take fans by surprise.

'Full Effect' is an absolute jewel, a laid back cut that brings the melody while still bumping the groove.

Dom Kennedy leaps on top, with Warm Brew explaining: “First time we played it for Dom, he was instantly trying to hop on it, and of course, we were down. It’s always dope creating with somebody who's helped you progress to where you are in your career. The record just gives you this smooth throwback feeling in a fresh and present way.”

Serk adds: “The song is on some player shit. The song is a vibe. It's an ode to generations past present and future and it reminds me of something my uncle would've showed me so I want to show my nephew.”


Posté Jeu 17 Aou 2017

Vivement la sortie du skeud, Full Effects est bien smooth !

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Lady Leshurr
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Posté Jeu 31 Aou 2017

Warm Brew Are Telling a Different Type of Westside Story


The trio of Manu Li, Serk Spliff, and Ray Wright offers a rare hip-hop perspective from LA's rapidly changing Westside
Posté Lun 25 Sep 2017

Warm Brew - Small Victories prod. by Swiff D 

Posté Lun 25 Sep 2017
Lourd !
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Cyhi the Prynce
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Royce Da 5'9''
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Posté Sam 28 Oct 2017
Warm Brew - Stretch prod. by Al B Smoov 
Posté Jeu 15 Fev 2018


Posté Jeu 15 Fev 2018

Warm Brew - Same Page feat. Niko G4 prod. by Polyester The Saint & Al B Smoov)

Recorded at Red Bull Studios


Posté Jeu 22 Fev 2018

Hugh Augustine - Blank Check (feat. Ray Wright/Warm Brew)

Ray Wright/Warm Brew

Feat. G Perico, Polyester The Saint, AZIZI GIBSON, Jay Worthy, Meyhem Lauren, King Mez .....


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