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Raekwon - The Wild (Album)

Raekwon - The Wild
  • Release date: 24 Mar 2017 (Rap Album)
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Tracklist of The Wild :

1 - The Wild Intro2 - This Is What It Comes Too3 - Nothing4 - Skit (Bang Head Right)5 - Marvin (Feat. Cee Lo Green)6 - Can't You See7 - My Corner (Feat. Lil Wayne)8 - Skit (Fuck You Up Card)9 - M & N (Feat. P.U.R.E)10 - Visiting Hour (Feat. Andra Day)11 - Skit (Bang Fall Down)12 - The Reign13 - Crown of Thorns14 - Purple Brick Road (Feat. G-Eazy)15 - Bang Outro

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